Bleeding Through

by Kian & Ludvig



Bleeding Through is an expression of a collective consciousness, a rhythmic journey through the cyclic energy of our vast universe. Noisy Meditation founder Kian Asamoah (AKA Godfather Sage) enters a collaborative space with Ludvig Cimbrelius (Alveol, Ziyal, Purl), gracefully interweaving a variety of musical ideas and influences to create a sound that is uniquely their own. The title track sets the tone with layers of deep synth exploration over a steady post-drum & bass beat. "2016" changes the pace with a beautiful soothing blend of polyrhythmic drums, swirling pads and ambient guitar melodies. "Sorbet" twists it up, combining a weighty rhythm track, soulful keys, dreamy synths and vocals to introduce a futuristic urban groove.

“To me, the process of creating music is a reflection of a communication between the physically focused part of me and the non-physical source of my existence – the source of all life, to which everyone has their own unique connection. I create different musical expressions as reminders of our common origin: unity with all of creation.” - Ludvig Cimbrelius

Watch for Kian & Ludvig's forthcoming EP on the esteemed Apollo Records (Belgium).



released September 30, 2013

Written and produced by Kian Asamoah and Ludvig Cimbrelius.
Mastered by Macc for Subvert Central.
Art Design by Phil Rigatuso Jr.



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Noisy Meditation Baltimore, Maryland

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